Our latest swell came in a little smaller than we expected, but it was still plenty fun. The winds were a little on the funky side with northeast being the trend. That is not the ideal wind for any spot, but we managed to find some fun waves at Bankvaults and Nipusi and 4 Bobs. The highlight of the swell was surfing Kandui. There were some waves going several feet overhead and our crew surfed it with no one else out just about the entire day. The low tide session in the afternoon got some adrenaline pumping. There were some drainers and not much water to cushion any falls! Brad got some sick barrels, as usual! I’ll send along some shots of our afternoon session. The next swell is due to start arriving tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted!

This report has been brought to you by Ray Wilcoxen from Kandui Resort: May 18, 2010

Rasta, Donovan, and their crew left today. This Billabong trip to Kandui was looking like a pretty average one in terms of surf until the stars finally aligned on the last two days and we surfed some pretty sizable, and sometimes pretty epic, Bankvaults. Sunday was as leash snapping, board breaking day with some double overhead ++ sets coming through. It was clean around the middle half of the day, but the morning and afternoon were a bit funky and that added to the entertainment of the peanut gallery with every nice wipeout! Monday was dropping, but there were plenty of sizable sets and it was really clean. Around midday, the wind switched and some of the guys were lucky enough to surf some overhead, albeit inconsistent, Kandui’s. After the wind switched again, I talked our guests Kevin and Tom into skipping lunch and heading back to Bankvaults . I’d never eat lunch again if I could get waves like that every time! No one was out, conditions were about as good as you could imagine with light offshores, and there were still sets going several feet overhead. There were some absolutely perfect barrels and we had it to ourselves for over an hour before anyone else showed up. Nice!

One of the highlights of the trip for me was watching Rasta surf. I hope you have the pleasure of watching him in legit surf like Bankvault’s or Rifle’s or Kandui’s. That guy is amazing! I can count on one hand how many people on the planet that have as much wave knowledge and athletic ability as Rasta. Throw in his unique style and you have a show on your hands! Go out of your way if you ever get the chance to see him surf. It’s unbelievable. Another highlight was one morning sitting in the restaurant, drinking coffee and settling into the day. The restaurant just had such a good vibe and then I realized that the background music we were listening to was Donovan strumming his guitar and softly singing. One of the guests looked at me and said, “How cool is this!” Pretty cool, my friend, pretty cool.

Our new group got here today and it looks like there will be lots of swell in their future.

Swell and Weather Links

  • Wavewatch
    Brand new website with a tremendous wind, wave, and period forecast for Sumatra. Very high tech, easy to use, provides a fantastic visual display for many areas including Sumatra.
  • Buoyweather
    This is a very accurate and easy to read 4 day forecast measured by the most relevant Mentawai buoy. An extended 7 day forecast is available on a subscription basis. This site also boasts great local wind information.
  • NOAA Wave Height Animation
    168 hour forecast covering the entire Indian Ocean in a spherical format. This is what all of the other websites use for their data, just not as fancy. If you want a quick, easy to understand link, this is it.

  • NOAA Wave Period Animation
    168 hour forecast covering the entire Indian Ocean. This link provides a simple to understand wave period animation. The longer the wave period the more spots waves can sneak into, especially in the Mentawai's.
  • Wetsand
    This is one of the most impressive, free Indonesian surf reports on the internet. It's got accurate wave height, period, wind, and tide information in an easy to read format.
  • Oceanweather
    A series of in depth graphics covering wave height, marine observations, and even sea temperature across the entire Indian Ocean. Takes a little longer to load than the others but is definitely worth the wait.
  • METEOSAT-5: Satellite Image
    A remarkably detailed satellite animation of the Indian Ocean region. Make sure you check out the "zoom" feature. This will show you basic storm patterns and wind shifts along the Equator.
  • METEOSAT-5: Enhanced Satellite Image
    Practically the same animation as above but in an easier to read enhanced color format. This satellite enables you to see clouds and precipitation a lot easier than the original.

  • Stormsurf
    Mark Sponsler at Stormsurf has put together an extremely comprehensive list of swell and waether links for the Indian Ocean region here. It seems as though he's covered everything we have times 2.





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