Saraina Koat Mentawai is constantly looking to bring our customers the most up-to-date services possible. For the last six seasons SKM has offered professional digital surf photographer services to chronicle the entire Mentawai surf season and provide our customers the opportunity to take home the best photos of their lives. The majority of photos you see on this website are from the last four years.

In 2005 we welcomed to the SKM family, the best, most talented, and experienced surf photographer working in Indonesia, Sebastian Imizcoz. Besides being the best, and hardest working photographer ever, Sebastian is also one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.

To see some of Sebastian's incredible photography work from his personal blog spot, Click Here.

Please read below for a quick Q & A with Sebastian about the 2010 surf season.

When are you going to arrive in Indonesia?

I’m going to arrive in Indonesia at the start of April. I can go earlier if you need.

What camera equipment are you going to use?

I m using a Canon 7 D, 40 D, and 300 D.

Lens:18-55 mm lens (for pictures from the water)

100-400 mm (for pics from the zodiac or land)

10-22 mm and 55 -200 mm (for lifestyle pictures).

What size of digital files does your camera output? The pics I take are 10.1 mega pixels. (If you know anything about digital photos that is a huge file. The photos you get on the trip can be printed and will look insane)

Will you shoot from the water? I will shoot from the water whenever the conditions call for it.

What kind of services do you offer?Each guest will receive a burnt DVD at the end of the trip that will contain:

Every night we will have a slide show of the photos we took during that day

usually shoot between 3.000 to 8.000 photos a trip.

This year my new 18 megapixel camera will be able to do video too, so I will offer for free some videos to the guests!

Where do you sleep?I will sleep wherever there is room for me. If there is an extra bed I'll grab that, if I have to sleep in the crew's quarters - perfect. Whatever it takes.

What is your experience – where else have you taken photos? This is going to be my tenth season in Indonesia. I've worked in Nias, Asu, Bawa, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, West Java, and G-Land. I did 4 boat trips in 2003 in Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa.I have already done more than 30 boat trips in the Mentawai's during the last 6 seasons. I also have pictures published in Magazines from Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Indonesia, United States, Spain, and in a Indonesian surf guide from Australia.

Can I take a look at some of your photos? I've attached a slide-show from the 2005 season for you to look at to get an idea of my work and capabilities. These photos were taken last season throughout the Mentawai's. Click the image on the left to watch it. or I do have a Blog with some photos from around the world, www.sebaphotos.blogspot.com , check it out !

How much do your services cost? The standard 11 day trip costs $3300 for as many people as there are on the boat; each additional day is $150US. Due to an exclusive agreement I have with SKM this amount covers all of my accommodations on the boat, food, and permits - you do not have to pay for my spot on the boat!

Please Note: All images will be shot in jpg format. Sebastian Imizcoz's images are copyrighted by the photographer and for private use only. Images are not to be used for commercial use without written consent from the photographer. Images are not to be resold or posted online with the intent to sell. To check some of Sebastian work, check his blog www.sebaphotos.blogspot.com

Booking Information:
If you'd like to get Sebastian on your next trip please use the following information to reserve your spot. Saraina Koat Mentawai manages Sebastian's schedule and payments directly to make it as simple as possible to simply add him to your trip:

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