The following information is designed to give you a quick, visual insight into what happens between your arrival at the airport and when you get on your surf charter boat. Please refer to the images on the left to help guide you through the transfer process. We're sure you'll find the people of Padang and our ground staff to be as friendly and accomodating as anywhere else in the world.

1. Your flight arrives
Once your flight touches down you are ushered to the baggage claim/customs area.




2. VISA fees
If you've already entered Indonesia through Jakarta you will not need to pay the $25US VISA tax that they collect for your maximum 30 day stay.

If this is a direct flight from Singapore the first thing you'll have to do is pay the $25US fee at a special booth set up inside the customs area. Once you've paid they give you a special form that you must keep until your departure, we suggest leaving it inside your passport for safe keeping.


3. Customs
The fastest and easiest way to make it out of the customs area without having them go through your bags is to get a porter to handle your baggage. They seem to have the right connections because they can get you out of that room as fast as possible, all you have to do is have dollars ready to tip them. Pay careful attention to the porter that carries your bags, the general rule of thumb is to not give them the tip until your boards are loaded on the truck and your bags are stored away where they belong. The maximum tip per guest should be no more than USD$2, although they may ask you for more, please do not give it to them!


4. Meet and Greet
Once you've made it outside the customs area you will be met by a representative from Saraina Koat Mentawai. The next thing you need to do is get outside and into the air conditioned cars that are waiting for you.


5. The Ride
Once you've made it outside and witnessed the hustle and bustle of Padang International Airport you're ready to get in one of our minivans and get taken to the boat. Before you leave the airport parking lot do a quick spot check to make sure all of your luggage has made it on to the designated transport vehicles. If your boat leaves that afternoon you will be taken straight to the harbor - if you have an overnight stay you will be taken to the Bumiminang Hotel where we will have a reservation made for you.


6. The Harbor
Once you've gone straight to the harbor from the airport or from the Bumi you finally get a chance to see the majestic Indian Ocean and your surf charter boat.



7. Time to leave
You've waited long enough! Most trips will take off for the overnight haul out to the Mentawai's very late in the afternoon. The crossing will take about 8 hours for everyone because travelling at night requires the boats to go slower. As you settle into your cabins and try to fall asleep you can be content with the fact that the next morning you will be having your first session of the trip and all of the time and effort required to get there will pay off the second you catch that first wave.


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