The Mentawai Islands are one of the most talked about surfing destinations in the world, but unfortunately they are subject to inaccurate reports from time to time. SKM has designed this page to give an accurate reflection of the current status of the Mentawai Islands and its surrounding areas. It's not intended to give a daily report of the situation on the ground over there; instead, we will focus on major events or trips that we are involved with or events that could have an impact on your next Mentawai adventure.

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(06/07) Practical advice about working on a surf charter boat .

(06/03) Surfing's Disneyland is open for business

Surfline: BETWEEN HEATS Visiting pros and travelers score mega-swell in Mentawaiis

Saraina Koat Mentawai introduces our 2010 Travel Pack! Our 2010 Travel Pack covers everything on our website in one, convenient, easy-to-use printable document that covers everything from planning your trip to catchiing your flight home. 55 pages in all, it should answer almost everything you could possibly think of: 8mb.

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Wave of Compassion: More Than Your Average Boat Trip: For 10 days in October, an elite crew of surfers and photographers joined one grand prize winner on an epic voyage from Nias to the Mentawais.

This wasn't your normal boat trip: Our goal was to meet the local people and see the work of SurfAid International in action. SurfAid offers a chance to give something back through health projects that promote community-based, self-help solutions. Primary goals include combating Malaria and rebuilding communities damaged by the tsunami and earthquake.

For pro surfers Brad Gerlach, Dane Ward, Will Tant, and Chris Waring, this trip offered much more than tubes. Going behind the trees revealed the culture and context that surrounds Sumatran surfing. In Nias, our crew put on a surf contest for the local groms, and then attended a tribal dance and celebration as guests of honor. In the Mentawai Islands, we saw the work of SurfAid up close while touring PeiPei Village, and danced with Shamans at Kandui Resort. The crew wrapped things up in the water, with draining pits at Lance's and Maccas. But for surfers like Gerr, the waves were just icing on the cake. "I can get good waves anytime. But to be involved with this, see what they're doing... incredible."

The Wave of Compassion trip left us with a new perspective on surf travel, and a renewed commitment to give back to local people.
--Lewis Samuels

It's not too late to get involved: check out surfaidinternational.org

MTV's New Show "Living Lahaina" visits Kandui Resort: Living Lahaina features a group of friends who work as surf instructors at the Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy in Lahaina, Maui; they spend their days teaching surfing lessons, but their main objective is the never-ending quest to find perfect waves.

Look for their episodes spent in Indonesia to air on MTV in March 2007. *Special thanks to Matt, Ralph, Casey, Alex, Dave, Aja, and the MTV crew for dropping in!

From the creators of the Drive Thru Series comes the next level in action sports entertainment. Hosted by comedic pro surfer, Benji Weatherley, top action sports pros from around the globe and one very talented musician have converged at Kandui Resort, a remote island of the Mentawais, to begin filming the first installment of The Benji Project.

The Benji Project documents the lifestyle and adventures of action sports pros through the eyes of Benji Weatherley. As producer and star of the project, Benji will share with viewers the world of action sports by bringing his vast array of friends together to surf, skate, snowboard and play music. An all-star cast of pro snowboarders, surfers, skateboarders and musicians join together to expose the common thread among these sports that unites them.

With Benji as host, athletes and musicians will travel to remote destinations to embark on extreme adventures showcasing their talents and soaking up others. With Benji's constant comic relief combined with a "who's who" of his friends in action sports and music, the adventures and possibilities are endless. Giving viewers an inside look at the dream life that is every action sport professional's reality: culture, friendships, fun, and laughter; as well as hardships, mishaps, and extreme moments.

The first trip is underway with some of the world's best athletes surfing their brains out at Kandui Resort (www.kanduiresort.com). Pro surfers Benji Weatherley, Kalani Robb, Yadin Nichols, Rizal Tanjung, Ross Williams and the legendary Tom Carroll have joined forces with pro snowboarder JP Walker, pro skateboarder Tosh Townend and musician Jack Johnson

Stay on land in the Mentawais and you may face the following dilemma: You're surfing a perfect left reef, off a small palm fringed island. A single charter boat motors away, leaving you alone in the lineup. The wind is calm, the sun is too strong, and swell lines are stacked from you to Madagascar.

As you wait for your next wave, you take stock of your situation. Towards the horizon, you can see Rifles barreling around the next island, like some feverish, empty version of J-Bay. Farther down the same stretch of reef, you see the back of another right, its Trestles-like lips going unmolested. Across the channel from that, a coral peak spins off mechanical longboard waves. To your left is a third island, holding a handful of palms and another right point.

A relatively new friend to SKM "Scratch" encompasses everything we like about first time surfers in the Mentawai's. As you will soon see from his slideshow the Mentawai's have the ability to transform, normal, everyday surfers into supernatural freaks. Of course he'll be back with us next year.

If you're contemplating a trip to the Mentawai's now is the time to get the process started, grab a few friends, choose your boat, book your flights, and we'll see you next year! Until then... (click image)





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