Saraina Koat Mentawai literally means 'Mentawai Wave Family', in Mentawai language. SKM  is a grass roots, family owned , and operated company, which has spent the last 9 years exploring, and surfing the beautiful, and remote West Sumatran Islands, in search of the best, most uncrowded waves on earth. SKM prides it's self in providing our guests with the most experienced, comfortable, safest, and affordably priced surf charters available, while giving back to the community every step of the way.Year after year, SKM has delivered an unparalleled experience to our guests, continue to do so, and into the future. We strive for excellence, and have only learned more, and gotten better at what we do with each passing year.

SKM, more than any other surf tourism company, has helped the Native Mentawai People,  and the local Mentawai Government, with programs like Wave of Compassion, helping to organize Timmy Turner's Tsunami Diary trips, helping the Mentawai people after the September 2007 earthquakes, with emergency food, and camping gear for villages in 3 different regions of the islands, by sponsering, and organizing local surf contests for Indonesian youths, donating to the Native Mentawai students association for their various community projects, and by employing more native Mentawai people than all other tourism operators in the region combined, at our Kandui Resort , and new Kandui Beach Villas project. Please help support SKM, and it's community efforts by booking your  Mentawai, and Sumatra Surf Charters with SKM, and spreading the good word about our company's quality products, and efforts in the local community. Thanks for your support!

It was founded and is currently owned by Un (Anom Suheri), and Aii Heuer.

We are dedicated to supporting the local Mentawai economy by employing Mentawai residents and guides in our surf charter business and our cultural tours, as well as building, and running our Kandui Resort, and funding community help projects. Our crews are highly experienced locals dedicated to protecting the well being and natural environment of the Mentawai Islands.

Our primary goal is to protect the unique culture and traditions of the native Mentawaian people and provide our customers an unforgettable experience, in the water or on the land.

Lori Heuer (Mom) maintains SKM's USA phone lines, for Any USA based customers who have questions that need to be answer quickly by telephone.

Jordan and Aii Heuer maintain SKM's surf charter boat operations in Indonesia, and are the global agents for both Saraina Koat Mentawai, as well as Kandui Resort.

Anom Suheri (Un) maintains SKM's relationship with the local community, and local government, as well as SKM's cultural tours.

Rudi Khelces is the Manager of SKM, and Kandui Resort Head Office, ground handling, and ticketing of domestic flights in Padang West Sumatera, Indonesia.

If you have any questions about who we are or what we do please feel free to send us your questions or comments by clicking here.

working hours is 8 am - 5 pm

Surf Charter Information
Saraina Koat Mentawai
Komp. Polamas Blok L 3
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E-mail: info@mentawaiislands.co.id (contact name: Jordan Heuer)
Head office contact number: (+62) 812 66 36841 (+62) 812 66 40941
Local Indonesian Contact Number: (+62)751 841946 (contact name: Rudi Khelces )
FAX # (+62)751 841946
USA contact number: +1 805 222 4150 (contact name: Jordan Heuer)

Skype Name: Aii_Jordan (contact name: Jordan Heuer) Jordan says:"Leave us a message on any of our phone lines, or drop us an email with your contact number, and we will call you back with Skype, so you don't have to pay a large phone bill."

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E-mail: trezzo76@yahoo.com (contact name: Tom Rezvan)
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Turquoise Voyages
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Oceanview Travel
629 Camino De Los Mares Suite 101
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FAX # (949) 493-2770
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